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Extech DO700 Dissolved Oxygen Kit

Extech CTH10A: Digital Clock/Hygro-Thermometer

Extech CO100 Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Extech CO10 Carbon Monoxide Meter

RM 3,887.00Add to CartRM 473.00Add to CartRM 1,334.00Add to CartRM 1,230.50Add to Cart

Extech CG206 Coating Thickness Tester

Extech CG104 Coating Thickness Tester

Extech Wireless Video Borescope BR250-9mm

EXTECH AN340 CMM/CFM Anemometer/ Psychrometer Datalogger

RM 1,242.00Add to CartRM 1,093.00Add to CartRM 1,190.00Add to CartRM 2,090.00Add to Cart

Extech AN300 Large Vane CFM CMM Anemometer Psychrometer Plus CO2

Extech AN100 CFM/CMM Mini Thermo-Anemometer

EXTECH 480826 EMF Meter Magnetic Field Meter Triple Axis EMF Tester

Extech 480403 Motor Rotation and 3-Phase Tester

RM 1,450.00Add to CartRM 860.00Add to CartRM 1,520.00Add to CartRM 730.00Add to Cart

Extech 461880 Vibration Meter + Laser Combination Tachometer

Extech 461825 Combination Optical Tachometer/Stroboscope

EXTECH 445703 BIG Digit Humidity & Temperature Indicator

Extech 407910 Heavy Duty Differential Pressure Manometer (29psi)

RM 5,000.00Add to CartRM 1,660.00Add to CartRM 210.00Add to CartRM 1,330.00Add to Cart

Extech 407860: Heavy Duty Vibration Meter

HOBO UX100-011 Humidity Data Logger w/ 3.5%RH Accuracy Kit

HOBO InTemp CX703 Bluetooth 365 Day Multi-Use Cryogenic Temperature Data Logger

HOBO InTemp CX603 Dry Ice Multiple Use Bluetooth Data Logger

RM 4,300.00Add to CartRM 666.00Add to CartRM 2,450.00Add to CartRM 1,050.00Add to Cart

HOBO MX1102 HOBO Carbon Dioxide / Temp / RH Data Logger

HOBO MX1101 Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature/Relative Humidity Data Logger

Acision HTC7100

Acision RHT6100

RM 4,450.00Add to CartRM 1,000.00Add to CartRM 2,500.00Add to CartRM 200.00Add to Cart
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